Information About Clnical Technologists

Clinical Technologists

There are many different types of clinical technicians although aside from their specific area of work they all have the same aim which is to detect, identify, diagnose and treat illnesses and diseases.

Clinical Laboratory Technician - is one specific job role which involves a number of tasks including; testing blood samples with chemicals, monitoring treatment progression for patients and cleaning laboratory equipment.

Clinical Dental Technician - the role of a dental technician will involve a number of job roles many of which involve the making of devices that aid the improvement of a patients dental health in terms of speech, ability to chew and appearance. Some of these roles include: making dentures, bridges, braces and crowns. To find out more about the devices available to improve the health of your teeth click here.

Clinical Technologists Association

If you are a clinical technologist or want to know more about the profession there is an association that is made up of three bodies which supports the statutory regulation of the clinical technologist profession.

The bodies that make up this association are the "association of renal technologists", "the institute of physics and engineering in medicine" and "the institute of healthcare engineering and estate management". If you want to know more about the association, click here.


If you are looking to become a clinical technician then you will need to have studied medicine, dentistry or healthcare. Due to the massive benefits that can become of people studying in this field, you can apply for a bursary from the government which will help you fund your studying as well as a grant which will help you with living expenses.

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